Film Review: Fraternity (aka: “The Circle”)

2002 thriller: Directed by Sidney J. Furie; starring: Treat Williams, Robin Dunne, and Gianpaolo Venuta. [rated R] Stars given: 2.5/5.

“Our motto was ‘Justice by any means necessary’. Complete loyalty. Never squeal. One body, one mind. We were the circle. And that’s where we went wrong.”

Private schools often have a sense of “internal self”. Students can be drawn together, for better or for worse. In “Fraternity”, a group of five students have made up their minds to become the secret rulers of the school, the ones that run everything behind the scenes. Stealthy, secretive, and above everyone else in the school (administration included), they wield the power. Of course, power doesn’t always like to be wielded and can make people break their own codes: moral, personal, and secret group alike.

While the film starts off by finding a student’s body in the river, it backtracks to explain who he was before moving forward to figure out what happened to him.

“Fraternity” is a pretty straightforward film. The circle is broken when Alex begins to question who killed Marcus and, other than a few tense “is he going to be caught” moments, it’s one straight trip from opening A to end point B.

This film, especially when compared with others of its genre, defiantly shows its age. While it doesn’t exactly stand up against the test of time, and has an incredibly strange ending, it is still a fairly good movie while ranking a 2.5 out of 5 rating. Nothing that is worth paying for, but, if you can snag a copy for free, it’s worth a viewing as long as you are into straight-up mysteries.


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