Film Review: It’s a Disaster

2012 comedy/drama: Directed by Todd Berger; starring: David Cross, Rachel Boston, Kevin M. Brennan. [rated R] Stars given: 5/5.

EMMA: *quickly screams and slams the door* There’s a man…
TRACY: …uh… a man…?
EMMA: Wearing a HazMat suit?
BUCK: It’s Hal.
SHANE: Who’s Hal?
EMMA: He’s our neighbor.
SHANE: Does he always wear a HazMat suit?
BUCK: What does Hal want?
EMMA: I don’t know.
GLEN: Is there a reason to be afraid of Hal?
EMMA: No, he’s nice. I mean, he doesn’t mow his lawn enough but I don’t—
GLEN: Can I suggest that maybe we let him in and then we can find out what he wants from his mouth?

What starts out as a seriously awkward “couples brunch” amongst friends turns into a continuously stressed test of relationships and inter-personal skills.

David Cross plays Glen, the poor guy on date number three with Tracy Scott (Julia Stiles), when, what starts out as “the new guy” being brought amongst his girlfriend’s friends for breakfast quickly degrades into fighting as the couples start hashing out their problems with one another… oh, and, the world is suddenly about to end in a series of radiological explosions.

What really makes this film work is the sheer awkwardness of it all. The reaction of everyone is absolutely realistic and all of the actors are brilliant, including Todd Berger, who only appears for ten out of the 88 minutes. The world is falling apart for these four groups, both inside and outside of the house, and the way they each of them come to grips with everything is pure.

Given how hilarious and realistic (not to mention quotable) everything is, it’s hard to really describe “ It’s a Disaster” any other way without sounding like a teenage girl describing a moment at the mall, but perhaps that is best. All the more reason to encourage more people to watch this 5 out of 5 film.


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