Film Review: Black Death

2010 action/drama: Directed by Christopher Smith; starring: Eddie Redmayne, Kimberley Nixon, and Sean Bean. [rated R] Stars given: 3/5.

“Even if you survive, the world out there will change you.”

Taking place in bubonic days of 1348, “Black Death” tells the story of one young monk, who grows up far too fast in the ways of the world when he volunteers to go and find out the truth behind a small village that is rumored to be pure, clean, and able to bring people back from the dead.

While there is nothing to get excited about, “Black Death” does treat the topic with both dignity and colorful images. It’s hard to say that it is accurate about what happened in those times, but it’s also hard to say that this film is any less close to hitting the mark than any other plague film.

The plot follows Osmund, a young monk who only wants to save his sister from a world filled with death and the dying. They decide to leave their town; Averill leaves first, while Osmund waits for a week, looking for a sign from God that it is not a blasphemy to leave the monks. The “sign” comes by way of Ulrich, who leads a band of armed men and witch hunters on a mission from another monastery to look into rumors about a remote village.

“Black Death” is one of those period-piece films that is decent all around: decent acting, decent props, decent scenery, decent make-up, and a decent plot. There isn’t too much to rave about, but nothing to complain about either, making “Black Death” an even-tempered 3 out of 5 film.


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