Film Review: Skyline

2010 action/sci-fi: Directed by Colin and Greg Strause; starring: Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson and Brittany Daniel. [rated PG-13] Stars given: 4/5

When your world seems to be falling down around you, can you count on those closest to you for help?

Let’s see… you have Terry—a multi-millionaire due to good marketing decisions, Candice—Terry’s spoiled wife, Denise—a flirty assistant that clearly wants Terry for herself, Jarrod—Terry’s artistic, childhood friend—and Elaine—Jarrod’s girlfriend—in the glorious Los Angeles. Jarrod is surprised by a business offer Terry springs on him during an extravagant birthday bash and, in the midst of all the chaos, Elaine reveals to Jarrod that she is unexpectantly pregnant. Oh, and, if things don’t seem crazy enough yet, a strange blue light appears at night to kidnap the people who stare at it, dragging them away like moths to a flame.

Skyline” is one of those sci-fi action films that bills itself as a “thriller” with desperate hopes to draw in a crowd. In all likelihood, it should just left itself alone; by using extreme angles and dramatic music to hype up certain scenes, it isn’t doing itself any favors, and actually hurts itself more than anything by taking the audience out of the moment. This is incredibly sad, considering it stands rather well on its own with incredible SFX and an interesting premise.

Much like the 2008 “Cloverfield” and 2011’s “Super 8”, “Skyline” doesn’t exactly come right out and show every little detail of the creatures immediately. They are given in tantalizing pieces, usually obscured by the glow of their own blue lights or by other physical obstructions (desk, car, building, etc). However, when the creatures ARE shown, the amount of detail put into their designs are fantastically incredible.

Goodness, just look at those graphics! They are just blinding him!

While boasting a rather strong cast, it is sad to see Eric Balfour who looks to be in such a scruffy state, he almost seems to be a stand-in second choice to Adrien Brody. That being said, the acting is superb and the characters are pretty believable for an “in the moment” sort of feel.

Poor camera angles, unnecessary slow motion moments, sporadic “thriller” scores aside, “Skyline” really comes out ahead thanks to all of its positives. The SFX and good cast bring this sci-fi premise to life and keeps it going along, despite the occasional drags in the plotline, but, really, it was the last ten minutes that earned “Skyline” earns a solid 4 out of 5. Go and rent a copy today!

…or, you could just wait for that to happen, I suppose.


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